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Biodegradable Catering or Service Trays
White Sugarcane Catering 5 Compartment Tray5_compartment tray – 260x209x25mm – white.jpg

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5 Compartment - Sugarcane Pulp Catering Trays / 500 Per Carton  / 260x209x25mm – white

Excellent sugarcane pulp trays and platters, perfect for catering. Traditional plastic plates are made from petroleum, a valuable, non-renewable resource. Sugarcane trays are made from a rapidly renewable resource and are a strong, grease and water resistant alternative to traditional plastic or polystyrene plates and bowls. We have a wide range of plates, oval and round, bowls and trays. They are compostable within a commercial compost facility. We are proud suppliers of BioPak products as we dedicate our efforts to providing environmentally friendly and socially just disposable products. By using these products, you will be demonstrating your own mindfulness towards the environment. These sugarcane trays look great!